That Foolish Young Man

I opened the car door fighting the tears but not the memories: my daughter’s delight, as I squeezed into that tiny plastic pool for a swim; the ride on that miniature Smurf train, over and over; the pride of her cheerleading and the wonder of watching her become a teenager: The stuffed animals are for decoration, Dad!

And my son: teaching him to go under water by accidentally dropping my keys in the deep end of the pool—followed by my pocket change; that glorious day hiking at Pinnacles National; and those treasured chess games I always lost—and no, not on purpose.

As I finally start the car, I can almost smile at the unfair wrestling matches, two against one, and a father that always went down, but not easily. 

Next week, my eyes will be tearing again because, you see, there was a divorce. 

Twenty 20

Looking back from the height of some decades, that divorce is just one of my many regrets.  If I could only write to that young, foolish know-it-all, pass on some simple insights.

And so I did. 

HE, of course, wouldn’t be interested in anything that even looked like advice, so it is a good thing I am a storyteller, a literary entertainer of sorts, and even he would enjoy the way these ideas are presented.

Perhaps if I had been in his life, that life might have gone a bit better, somewhat easier. 


I’d like to think so. 


But He Couldn’t 

No matter what he tried, that young man could not stick with even the smallest resolution (never mind the big ones at New Year’s).  ​He would joyfully start another change only to (soon) be plunged into the pain of another failure.


If only I could have given him these 2 simple ways to make his resolutions permanent.  Free   

Why free?      

So he could find his own answers; because everytime we even try to do it on our own our inner strength increases.

Sadly, it took him a long time to begin building his inner strength, but you can start right now: by discovering your own answers.  

Whether the answer you need is about a weight problem, relationship or money, or your career), a faster way to bring that permanent change can be to discover the deep insight at its foundation.   Free  

The power of a deep insight is that it cannot be unseen.  It tends to stay with us, prodding and motivating a permanent change. 

​* Both techniques work on a variety of issues      

* Both are complete (nothing held back).  And free.

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