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3 Simple Steps

                    By-Pass Inner-Resistance

To Make Permanent Change                

                   A Gentle Transition

Good timing!  No cost.


     After a long period of seclusion, I am back and will be doing free sessions for awhile -- full sessions.


     This is my way of giving back for the gifts I was given in this last period of my life; it is also my way of stepping back into the world and building a practice.


The Cycle

Oh, the excitement over a positive change, too soon followed by that first small push, into harder pushing.  

But because we want it so badly, we keep going, shoving until we can't take it anymore.  And quit!  


With a load of negative feelings. 

And later?  



                  There is a better way.


She was saying, “If only I could find the right guy, I would give myself to him, and—”

I stopped her and asked, “Give your SELF?”

Her eyes widened as she realized what she had said and what she had been doing.


60% of every positive change is Clarity


He had been working so hard to succeed and was now desperate, his business deep in the red.

I asked him: “If there was one person on the planet holding you back, who would it be?”

He immediately said, “My mother.”

She was giving him money to keep his business afloat.  She had also given him the

down payment for his house and had just taken over making the payments.

Now he knew what he had known deep down: untangle from Mom; become independent; step into success.

Clarity 60%

The Other 40% ?

     Any positive change can be slowed by unconscious negative beliefs, past failures and the deep grooves of daily life.


     And inner-resistance?  You probably know it can stop any change, small or large, all by itself.


     My work, and the 3 Steps, go under all of this to support gentle (and faster) permanent transitions. 

Your first Video session is free:

I will first guide you through clarity and release with:

       1.)  Intuitive questions to reach that eye-                                       widening moment


       2.)  Intuitive Counseling to support each new                             insight

       3.)  And energy work to release any deep negative                      beliefs and ties to the past

4.)  I will then give you the 3 Steps, so that you can                           find both clarity & release -- on your own.

5.)  As well as continued support:

           * I will answer your after-session                                                      questions on a special Facebook page

           * And send (unusual?) life-lifting ideas each week  

3 Steps 

     These Steps will turn any positive change into a gentle transition.   

     But they are not for everyone.  They effectively accomplish the same deep work I do, but over time: 10 minutes twice a day.

     If this is for you, I will take you through the 3 steps at the end of your session.  


     If not, you will enjoy the deep changes from our time together. 

 3 Easy Steps 

      A Gentle Meditation

                                                                                            Sooner Permanent Change 


    The first Step leads you gently beneath inner-resistance, beneath the level of thought (making a self-struggle impossible).


    The next 2 Steps release negative beliefs, past failures and also bring deep clarity. 

    So even the most difficult change becomes a gentle transition.  Change after change.


Give yourself this gift:

                         * deep support for the one, positive change that means so much, and 

                                * the knowledge to make your next change an easy transition                                              


At this moment, the cost is $ 0.00



(instead of $100.)




And we will work through Skype

So Far:

I've been working within since Feb. of 1971.            During this time, I have also


    * Guided individuals and workshops

    * Written 6 books, plus 1 for young adults &              2 for children

    * Written a nationally syndicated newspaper            column

    * Hosted a radio talk show on creating                        positive change

    * And have 2200 followers on Twitter                        @DanielSperaw (although I’m not                          Tweeting at the moment)

If you've come this far

Whether you make an appointment today or not, enjoy


“The Top 10 Ways to (Instantly) Better Your Life”


You will also receive the weekly Series: "Unusual? Ways to Lift Your Life."  


Both are free, The Series is entertaining, and no spam or address sharing, ever.  

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