Ways to Make Life Better"

A Special Series

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Who is this Guy?





                   And lots of other cool things that end in “r” 


Hi, I'm Daniel Speraw, the Psychic who has turned his back on the future; right (on Skype).

But why would a Psychic focus on the present?

Now is the moment of your power. Now is the time you can change your life.  And right now is when you deserve that change.

To date, I have  

    * Written a nationally syndicated newspaper column;

    * Counseled clients and facilitated workshops;

    * Written 6 books, plus 1 for young adults & 2 for children (so far)

    * Hosted a radio talk show; and

    * 47 years of meditation and inner work.

          An Embarrassed Look at the Past

I dropped onto the couch and started in on my first beer.  It had been a typical day, long and hard.  And as usual, I kept putting off lunch.

Worse, I criticized myself for not getting it all done, and that criticism extended to every mistake.

Life felt like the day-to-day burden it was.

I popped my 3rd beer and began to feel better.  Soon, I would be out with friends having a good time.  I would stay up too late and regret what I ate and drank. But regrets were for tomorrow.

Then one day, I stumbled into Transactional Analysis and the concept of an Inner Child and suddenly saw a reason to take better care of myself, to give to myself. 

And I did:  I bought a skateboard, a 400cc dirt bike and a teddy bear.

Of course, inside issues cannot be fixed on the outside, so... the first time out on the skateboard I went down—hard; a few months later I sold the dirt bike; and the teddy bear was never more than a decoration. 

I would like to say that life returned to normal, though, really, it never left. 

But I kept thinking about that inner child.  With the toys and bear, I was hoping to rediscover the genuine laughter, spontaneity and playfulness I once knew. 

I have learned a lot over the decades about making positive change  permanent (and sooner), and I am grateful to say that my life is now easier, lighter and more spontaneous. 

And this is my only focus: to free you from the difficult issue you are facing with a permanent change.

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