Ways to Make Life Better"

A Special Series

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Who is this Guy?

And lots of other cool things that end in “r” 


Hi, I'm Daniel Speraw, a Psychic who has turned his back on the future. 

Yes, completely!  I ignore the future because Now is the moment of your power.  Now is the only time you can change your life, and Now is when you deserve that change.

My only focus is on making your life better - right now - by guiding you to the one, deep insight that can bring that life-lifting permanent    change.

But You Don’t Need Me

Every time we even try to find our own answers, our inner strength increases, and that strength automatically translates to other areas of our lives. 

To help you find your own answers, your own deep insights,  I offer you 2 techniques.                      

 * Both free

       *   Both complete (nothing held back)  

              * And both sent directly to your inbox:


1)   Clients counseled and workshops facilitated

2)   Books written for adults, children and young adults

3.)  A radio talk show hosted (on positive change); and a


4.)  A nationally syndicated newspaper column written

5.)  Plus 47 years of meditation and inner work

Yes, these are some things I have done, but like you, I have been through a lot, which is why you will find so much understanding, empathy and support, both on this site and in person.

You will also find some smiles, even a laugh or two along the way, because being serious will not get us there any sooner, I promise, but a sprinkling of laughter just might.


NOTE - I am not working right now, but go ahead, use these 2 techniques to discover your life-changing insights.  And I'll be back soon.

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