A 60-Sec. Look at a Life-Lifting Idea 

The Power of Letting Go

(or How to Stop Delaying Fulfillment)

Let go of stress and anxiety.  Relax



It had already been too long

Still waiting, not knowing 


Late bus?  Late me?  

                           Leave now?  Stay put?

So, I rubbed my head, scratched my nose

Stood some more, and still couldn't decide

What to do!?

Until, at last and finally, I let go


Breathing out the tension, body and mind

Releasing it all, along with the need to decide

3 seconds later, bus in sight


Since then, over the years, I’ve realized

Tightening up, trying harder, pushing, worrying 

Too often holds us back, delays fulfillment

While letting go has the power to let it happen

Letting go does not mean doing less

It means doing it without the inner stress

While feeling whatever's there

While relaxed and breathing easily

In fact, letting go has the power to make all of life

And every situation


Let go of stress and anxiety.  Relax.
Let go of stress and anxiety.  Completely relax.
 Relax.  Let go of stress and anxiety.


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