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    The Power of Becoming

                                   Your Own Best Friend

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"The Power of Becoming Your Own Best Friend" ?

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If you have ever struggled to make a positive change, you probably encountered some inner-resistance; there might have been so much inner-resistance that you ended up quitting.  For many of us, quitting has become a way of life.

This book is about bringing the power of that inner-resistance over to your side.  It's about using that power to make your life better: losing weight, deepening relationships, upping careers and money too.

With that power on your side, any positive change becomes an easy, natural transition.

And that's what this book is about.

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A Quick Bio


    * Guided individuals and workshops

    * Written 6 books, plus 1 for young adults &                2 for children

    * Written a nationally syndicated newspaper              column

    * Hosted a radio talk show on creating                          positive change

    * And have 2200 followers on Twitter                            @DanielSperaw (although I’m not                                 Tweeting at the moment)

I began an inward journey on Feb. 10, 1971.


          Over these decades, I have          

More About the Book

Most of us know the excitement over a positive change, too soon followed by that first small push, into harder pushing.  But because we want it so badly, we keep going, shoving until we can't take it anymore.

         And quit!  Again. Only to start again later.


Most people have at least some struggle with their inner-rebel.  I have been in an out-right war with mine for most of my life.


And it was my fault.


Every time I criticized myself, my inner-resistance grew  stronger:

I criticized myself like this: My nose is too big, ears too wide, shoulders rounded and feet dead flat.  Other than that, I like myself; well, except for the wrinkles, balding and that tendency toward a balloon belly.


I also criticized my behavior (socially awkward, for example), as well as my thoughts (way too negative).

Every time I put myself off, my inner-resistance grew stronger:

I put off eating, and urinating, and often, did not give myself enough sleep (always for a good reason, or so it seemed).

And so much more. 

Every time I pushed myself, my Rebel grew stronger

It seemed as if I had to get it done faster and better, and when I didn't the self-criticism flowed like lava only faster.


During those long, dreary decades of my life, it was not hard to be happy.  It was impossible.

So how powerful was my inner-resistance?  Even the smallest positive change could turn into a difficult battle.  And it seemed that there was nothing I could do about it.

 If you experience inner-struggles, I hope they are mild, but mild or not, imagine having control of that power.

Imagine using that power when you decide to lose weight, deepen your relationships or make more money. 

Imagine you and that power as one.


And that is what this book is all about.


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