Ways to Make Life Better"

A Special Series

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Faster Positive Change

Who is this guy? 

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(without the inner struggle)

Earlier bed, less TV or a better diet often means another inner struggle, maybe even a failed resolution. 


But why?  Deep, permanent change does not have to be a difficult.  


Instead of making resolutions (and struggling with them), release the past.


As emotional traumas, rejections and disappointments are released, positive change always flows in to take its place.

Constant Acceleration immediately begins releasing emotional baggage, and then keeps increasing the speed of that release. 


Which also increases the speed of positive change.


There are no beliefs to adopt, no practices to begin, no variations to your routine—at all.


One 45-minute session on Skype jump-starts the process and you are on your way.  You need nothing more -- including me. 

And Constant Acceleration  brings more than the usual changes (like getting up earlier or losing weight). 


After a time, you will experience increased inner-strength, open-heartedness and empathy, and deeper, more fulfilling relationships.  And also more success. ​​

And, Constant Acceleration  will eventually release the past so quickly that you will feel the physical sensations.  


You cannot choose the next positive change; they come into your life in the order that is best for you.  And, most of the changes come and go for a while before becoming permanent.  ​

It can also take a while to experience the first change.  And you will also feel some discomfort (because the past releases through us).  


Which is why Constant Acceleration is not for everyone.  It is only for those in a hurry, those who want to bring change (transformation) into their lives as quickly as possible. 

If this is you, make a Skype appointment now: 

                                                                                Constant Acceleration

                                       Or Forget About It 


If you are not sure Constant Acceleration is for you, forget it and move on.  If it is for you, the desire will continue to come up. ​

* Questions?  Write me directly here:  ToDaniel  at  mail.com

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