The World's Most Popular Sentence

When you said it this morning, what did you really mean?

So much of our attention is on the L word: love longed for, love discovered, love gone wrong, gone crazy, gone away, rediscovered, laughed at and criticized. 


And the most repeated sentence of all time? 

"I love you" (to a romantic partner, sibling, parent-child or friend).


Problem: some say it when they want something, while others do it to hear it back; still others are really asking,"Are we okay?" 

Some have tossed "I love you" back and forth so often that it has long since lost all meaning. Even when things are not going well, still, it returns like an echo.


And believe it or not, there are those who only say it to express strong affection and caring.

If the 'I love you' in your relationship has been drained of life, or if it has come to mean something else, there are two ways to put the magic back.

Use it only to express warmth and caring.  For those who want to know if the relationship is okay, or if their partner still cares, take a deep breath and ask.


And for those who want to hear it back, again, start with a deep breath and ask.  Vulnerability, all by itself, can go a long way toward deepening a relationship.


The second way to ignite those 3 words?  Stop the echo.

Instead, when you hear that remarkable sentence, take a moment to take it in -- all the way in; and then take another moment to enjoy it.  Let it lift your heart.  Your life.

Oh, and be sure to let the other person know what you are doing before going silent, which brings us to this.


What happens when our own 'I love you' is met with silence; you know, when the other person is busy taking it in?  Some of us will be feeling (very?) uncomfortable, but that discomfort is just a feeling, a feeling that fades. 


And with a bit of persistence, you too can experience the miracle: that amazing sound of love as it surrounds the other person; and have the same experience as it surrounds you.


Leaky Roof


How to Deepen Your Important Relationships

What a life!  Shoe lace breaks, sink backs up, car won’t start and so it goes—small things and big—a leak in the roof, a relationship problem and sometimes it just feels overwhelming. 

Is it any wonder that most of us could use a boost to the general way we feel? 

A man finished telling me his troubles by saying “ --but hey, it could be worse.”  And that too can seem like the truth.

What to do? 


Raise the way you generally feel; the way you feel when nothing emotional is happening.  


Let's call this a general level of happiness, and, of course, it is different for everyone.  

When you raise your level: 

Some things get better, while everything seems better.


You are able to handle the ‘broken shoe laces of life' more easily. 

And it is also easier to share/give more of yourself, which often leads to deeper, more fulfilling relationships.


How to raise it? 


By enjoying: "A Simple Way to Raise Your Level of Happiness"  free.

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Why free?  After a long period of solitude, I am back, and this is my way of expressing gratitude for the gifts of that period.  It is also my way of stepping back into the world.

So, yes, it is all free, with no spam or address sharing ever, and an easy opt-out too. 



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