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Change for Life

Every Positive Desire

Is a gift 

Meant to be fulfilled

First a Reading? 


Sessions are on Skype - audio only if you prefer

     Having your future is always better than talking about it, which is why I focus on the present.


     However, if you want a reading, we will do that first.

     And then...


She was saying, “If only I could find the right guy, I would give myself to him, and—”

I stopped her and asked, “Give your SELF?”

Her eyes widened, as she realized what she had said and what she had been doing.


Clarity is the foundation of fulfillment


He had been working so hard to succeed and was now desperate, his business deep in the red.

I asked him: “If there was one person on the planet holding you back, who would it be?”

He immediately said, “My Mother.”

She was giving him money to keep his business afloat.  She had also given him the

down payment for his house and had just taken over making the payments.

Now he knew what he had known deep down: untangle from Mom; become independent; free himself to succeed.


Your Desire             

               When you know the deepest reason you are still waiting 

               Your desire can come faster (& sometimes easier)

               If you think you already know the reason

               You just might be surprised  

Your Session:         

I will first guide you into deeper clarity and then support the release of whatever is holding you back.  


       There will be

           1.)  Intuitive questions to reach that eye-                                                 widening moment


           2.)  Intuitive Counseling to support each new                                       insight

            3.)  And work to release that which has                                                 been slowing or stopping you

            4.)  Afterward, I will continue to support you:

                             * I will answer any additional questions                                           you have on a special Facebook page

                             * As well as send you life-lifting ideas                                                   and support each week  

Good timing! 


After a long period of solitude, I am back and will

be doing full sessions fo$20 (not $100.) 

         * It's my way of giving back for the gifts of that solitude          * Also my way of stepping back into the world and                         building a practice.

Give yourself 

                     This bold step to the life-lifting desire you want and deserve                        


The cost is $20

A quick bio

I began my in-ward journey on Feb. 10, 1971.


             Over the decades, I have         

   * Guided individuals and workshops

    * Written 6 books, plus 1 for young adults &              2 for children

    * Written a nationally syndicated newspaper            column

    * Hosted a radio talk show on creating                        positive change

    * And you can find me on YouTube (Daniel                Speraw) and Twitter (@DanielSperaw)


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