NO!  You're  Not  A  Quitter

And you don’t need more will power

                                                                   Or self-discipline


                         Or motivation either


And I'll prove it. Oh, and it will cost you nothing (that’s a promise).


For a long time, I thought I was weak, that there was something wrong with me. Not nearly enough will power.


So I pushed myself to keep going for another change, then pushed harder and harder still. Only to quit - again.


After mostly failing for almost 2 decades, I finally stumbled onto the secret:


     To stop fighting my inner-resistance and start working with myself. And then, even as that resistance fades, use it to help reach my goal.


Imagine the lift in your life as you make another permanent change: getting in shape for the summer or giving yourself more sleep, or watching less TV/reading more life-changing books.


And imagine doing it more easily/less struggle and with no negative feelings of quitting.


Yes, I can prove it, by giving you this simple way to prove it to yourself:

                  all free, nothing held back, directly to your inbox



Click and enjoy:  The Relief of Working With Yourself

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