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   Of course you can have a clear Reading that focuses on  your concerns, hopes and dreams too.

    But why not take it a step further?  After all, having a brighter future is better than talking about it.


     Our time together can focus on making a positive difference in your life -- right now.


                          (see 'Chosen Desire' below ).      


A Reading where you are not worrying about money every minute.


When we are together, there are no clocks in sight. We will finish when your session is complete.

       * Readings generally run between 40                 and 65 minutes -- same cost

And the cost is $20.  


After a long period of solitude, I am back and will be doing full sessions fo$20 (not $100.) 

       This is my way of giving back for the             gifts of that solitude         

       It is also my way of stepping back into          the world and building a practice.

And Imagine!


  Note: Our time together will be on Skype

(audio only if you prefer) 

Give yourself this gift: 

* A clear look at your future

* And (if you choose) intuitive steps toward your chosen desire




The cost is $20

Your chosen desire?

    Besides knowing the future of a romantic relationship (current or coming), we can take intuitive steps toward making that relationship permanent.

    Besides knowing if you will move up in your career, we can take steps toward discovering / igniting / bringing more of your passion into your life.

    More money?  Okay, let’s look at that, but money is always about something else, like the need for security, the desire to provide a better life for loved ones or the dream of owning your own home.

    Or is your desire something just as important?   

            * Losing weight

            * Letting go of bitterness/blame & finally moving on?


     Want only a Reading?

Good.  You will be glad you had a clear look of what's to come and the open-hearted empathy for your concerns.




Simply means taking intuitive steps toward the 

desire you have chosen (no extra cost).

And support will continue after our session:

       *  I will answer additional questions on a special                                  Facebook page

       *  As well as send you life-lifting ideas weekly  

A Quick Bio

I began my in-ward journey on Feb. 10, 1971.


                        Over the decades, I have         

   * Guided individuals and workshops

    * Written 6 books, plus 1 for young                     adults & 2 for children

    * Written a nationally syndicated                       newspaper column

    * Hosted a radio talk show on creating               positive change

    * And you can find me on Twitter ( @                       DanielSperaw )


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