A 60-Sec. Look at a Life-Lifting Idea 

Hate to Lose?  Win Once & For All!

Quietly & Easily

Win?  Who is right, better, smarter

Is a never-ending question

Battles won, yes

But never the war

And even the ‘fun’ contests 

Put distance in a relationship

A happy, intimate relationships feels like this.

But okay

You want to win.  Once and for all

So, sure, I’ll tell you how

But first sit, because it's so uplifting

And can be so very hard to do

    Also, you're not going to like it 




Take a deep breath; step up to

Your opponent; make eye contact


And agree.  Then agree some more

Be friendly, helpful, giving


And then walk away OR stay and struggle

And maybe triumph and feel strong

But if you leave them doing it

By themselves, You are stronger


Permanently, and have freed yourself

To live a better life


Yes, they do have the last word

But your head is up, self-esteem too


Up where you belong

Up where you have won

Then and forever


And those awful feelings?

Them having the last word?  They fade

And there you are, still on top

Oh, and seeing their confusion

Their struggle with your change?


Can be a satisfying win all by itself

A good feeling comes from a happy, intimate relationship
A happy, intimate relationship feels just like this
There is nothing like a happy, intimate relationship


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