A 60-Sec. Look at a Life-Lifting Idea 

How to Stop Rationalizing

Spending money I shouldn’t                      

Not working at work

Or choosing any other wrong


Only needs the

Perfect excuse

And there I am


Right past the expectations

And judgments of others

Right past my sense

Of right and wrong


Even sneaking past                                                         

My deeper moral center

And religious beliefs


And after doing

Or not doing a wrong 


Guilt is my dark companion

There, whenever I pause

That flood of excusing words

The bigger the wrong

The more words I need

To keep repeating over a

Longer period of time

Oh!  To be free 


And then I found a better reason

For making the right choice


That’s all about me

Liking me


Yes, self-esteem!  Because


     When I like myself more

     I like everybody and everything more


     Life is better

     A little or a lot

     Each time, every time


Doing a wrong always

Feels young and sneaky

And it lowers my self-liking


Choosing right always                                                          Raises it


And life keeps


Getting better

Easy to use a rationale with money
Stop rationalizing right past religion
Stop rationalizing!
I stopped rationalizing



Can you lift your life

in an Instant?

There are ways to immediately 

Make yourself feel better. 

Feel good. 

   Some are even laughable


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