You know, it is the one we have never discussed or even mentioned.  In fact, we pretend we never made it at all. 


The agreement?  What mask?  


Do we really push our good parts, hide the rest and pretend there is nothing hidden?


I use mine to keep you focused on the best parts of how I look, what I know and the admirable things I have done; I also use that dance I do with my hands and face, along with my verbal banter, to keep you from seeing that moment of uncertainty, that flash of anger or the mistake I just made.


I work hard to keep your eyes off of my balding forehead, my expanding waistline and the stain I just made on my pants.  But as good as I am at it—and I have had a life-time of practice—we both know that you do see my mistakes, my balding and that stain.


But thank you for pretending.




Some might think that pushing the best and hiding the rest has us hopping around, pants ablaze; but no!  Okay maybe a little, but Mother Nature gave us a deep need to survive, and as social creatures acceptance is a part of that survival. 


Hiding and Pushing is not only natural, it feels necessary.  Also, we did not choose to mask ourselves; in fact, most of us are barely aware that we even have a mask. 


No, we are not liars; what we are is what we have always been: doing the best we can, even if sometimes (almost automatically) we push what isn’t to hide what is.




Long ago, you were curious about everything, and it took little to delight you.  You felt life intensely and scrambled from your bed to dive head first into the days. 


What happened to that child-like exuberance, that irrepressible passion for life? 


Absolutely nothing. 


It is still in there, waiting for us to release it.  Waiting for us to take off our mask and release our SELF.  And as we do, we rediscover that passion, that exuberance.  We also rediscover a more genuine self and deeper way of living.


So let’s do that.  Let’s take the first step.  Together.


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