Look Better or Connect Deeper?

Why the need to beautify?

And needed it is

121 billion dollars last year

Spent worldwide

Not including clothes, shoes, jewelry


Yeah, men too


But, oh, the basic model

What's wrong?

Why the need to appear

So much better than our DNA?


On the surface, it is to be loved

More liked or at least accepted 

But really, it is to fulfill

That deep, compelling need to


Connect more deeply


Sadly, connecting has never

Had anything to do with

How we look

Not ever


What does?  Well, simply


We like people who like us

People who take an interest in us

We often want a deeper connection

With those who want that with us first


But how can we do any connecting at all

Worrying about how we look

Those extra pounds, that crooked tooth

Or “Wait until they see my new--”


How can we connect deeper

While those in front of us

Are lost in their version

Of the same? 


Oh, but even a slightly

deeper connection is

So uplifting.  So fulfilling

So instead


Think of 3 questions

For the next human

In your life


Just 3 things you genuinely

Want to know about

Them.  Their situation.  Interests

Then listen.  Remember


It will not be long before

They ask deeper questions

Of you 

Maybe right then, right there


If after some times together

They don't

A deeper connection 

Might be not possible


Put your energy

Your interest

Your questions

Into those who can


And live that amazing

Experience of more

Deeply connecting


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