A 60-Sec. Look at Another Life-Lifting Idea 

Just One Way to Really Love Yourself

And This Is It

How long have you been putting up with 

Those raggedy slippers; underwear too?


And been annoyed by that dripping faucet

And desk that needs more light?

Or how about

Those times you felt cold but

Put off warmth

Felt hungry but didn't ’t yet eat


And why?


Because you thought

Whatever you were doing

Was more important

Than what you needed

Me too

The Reality?

Those reasons we give ourselves

For putting us off, making us wait

Are rarely true

What is true is that some

Believe better self-care is selfish

But how can we freely give

To those around us

While putting ourselves off

Even denying ourselves some basics?

So, yes

Stop what you’re doing and care for the one

Who needs you most

Yes, You

And about the title of this post ?

       "Just 1 Way to Love Yourself?"

Have you guessed?  

Yes it's Now.  Right now.   


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An instant?

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