(152) Abundant Mindset? One Essential Ingredient

Updated: May 7, 2019

For almost twenty years, my parents worried over every dollar, but then Dad started making good money: he and Mom were living in a nice house, had nice cars and vacations.

Many years later, and very much richer, Mom told me, “I’m still penny-pinching. I can’t help it.”

Me too. Even when I knew I could afford to say Yes to those expensive berries in the market or Yes to that needed (and great-looking) shirt or Yes to that new whatever --

-- I would suddenly think ' What if ' something happens (and I don’t have enough money)?

Sadly, my fear would often win out, as I said No to myself – again.

This worry over not having enough shows up in every level of our society, from poor to super rich. Hard to believe, I know, but there are some very wealthy people who regularly say No to themselves, as they work to amass more money.

All to feel safe, secure, but of course, no problem on the inside can be fixed on the outside.

Open or Closed: an Abundance Mindset

Some believe that abundance of money is a state of mind exactly like its opposite, lack: worrying over every dollar, buying the cheapest and denying ourselves because we cannot afford it (even when we can).

What backs this state-of-mind idea is that the amount of money seems to have absolutely nothing to do with either way of living.

There are wealthy people who fearfully hold onto every dollar, no matter how much is under the mattress, and there are those without much money who freely spend what they can, which includes helping others.

Letting Go


1) The first step to releasing money worries is to accept that a fear of lack will never be fixed by amassing more.

2) The second step is to choose: continue fighting the fear or let it go.

Fighting is the natural response: a tense body, restricted breath and a distraction to stop those negative thoughts and feelings.

Fighting keeps us tight, closed and stuck, and those money worries remain unchanged.

Letting go (relaxing body and mind) releases that concern/fear. It can also allow us to say Yes to ourselves and let us see additional options during troubled times.

Of course, letting go means lower stress levels and better overall health.

A Way to Let Go

Use each breath to breathe out the body's tension. Feel yourself relax, especially in the stomach, shoulders and neck. Let go of thoughts too.

And let yourself feel the concern, fear or other negative emotions. Feeling while relaxed releases them.

If your mind tends to skip away after a few seconds, gently bring it back to breathing and feeling.

Creating Abundance

(tips & techniques)

Every technique that creates abundance works better, faster, without any brute force (inner-pushing and will-power; trying to make it work).

So, while going back to the breath and relaxing:

1 Stop - if you have a tendency to say I’m broke! don't! We are always listening to ourselves and negative words only strengthen what we do not want.

2 Say Yes! If you know you can afford it, take a deep breath and give it to yourself; then, deal with any negative feelings by relaxing and letting them go.

3 Give: giving can open us to receiving, especially relaxed. Give (small amounts?) to charity, church or the next homeless person you see.

4 Visualize - This is a simple way to bring in more abundance; the problem is that people quit too soon. There is not enough space to describe it here, so I have included some links below.

5 Gratitude - can also open the door to abundance. Several times daily give thanks for the things you do have and that do go right.

6 Affirmations – Here is another technique that many people quit too soon. An affirmation example is “Money comes freely into my life in expected and unexpected ways. I always have plenty.”

There is so much more out there on creating abundance (like the links below) and I encourage you to go on a campaign to find what works best for you.

And remember, just like you, they all work better with a relaxed body and easy breathing.

For more ideas on bring on abundance: https://chopra.com/articles/10-steps-to-develop-an-abundance-mindset

Book: Psycho Cypernetics by Maxwell Maltz - "Our self-image has control over our ability to achieve (or fail to achieve) a goal."

And 6 more tips:


Part of an abundant mindset is to have an abundance of everything, including compliments and self-esteem.


The very foundation of personal improvement is self-care/self-love. At this link:


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