(152) A Life of Abundance? One Essential Ingredient.

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

More money means better food and more of it; better vehicles in better repair; and nicer homes with better everything in them.

In fact, a life of abundance can mean never running out, never being without and never feeling poor again!

Some believe that living this way is not a physical phenomenon but a state of mind, exactly like its opposite, lack: worrying over every dollar, buying the cheapest and denying ourselves because we cannot afford it (even when we can).

What backs this state-of-mind idea is that money seems to have absolutely nothing to do with either way of living. There are wealthy people who fearfully hold onto every dollar, no matter how much is under the mattress; and there are those without much money who freely spend what they can (which includes helping others).

For those of us who have experienced that awful feeling of lack, there is an idea floating around that can allow us to live more abundantly, no matter how much money we have or don’t.

And it revolves around food.

Most of us have a list on the refrigerator that we add to when a product is about gone, but sometimes that product does not make it on the list until we reach for and find it empty; or, we put it on the list but forget to buy it; or, the

store is momentarily out.

However it happens, we come up short and have to go without.

The idea is simple: for all foods and products, have extra on hand: when an item is gone, add it to the buy list while reaching for the back-up.

Anticlimactic? A let down? Perhaps, but consider that those days of reaching disappointment would be gone. Never again that momentary-but-negative feeling of being without.

And, it has been said that this added sense of plenty can spill into other, more important areas (including money).

One Essential Ingredient

The worry over not having enough stems from a feeling of fear; and because that emotion is so uncomfortable, we automatically tighten body and breath and distract ourselves to stop feeling it.

But fighting that fear keeps it locked within us, along with those money worries.

Feeling the fear releases it, along with the worries.

Some Tips and Tricks

1) Stop - if you have a tendency to say I’m broke! don't! We are always listening to ourselves, and negative words only strengthen what we do not want.

2) Every technique works better, and faster, when breathing out the body's tension. Breathing out the tension also helps release more negative emotion when we are feeling it.

3) Say Yes! If you know you can afford it, take a deep breath and give it to yourself. This helps bring up that fear, so that you can feel and release it (while breathing out the tension).

4) Giving can open us to receiving; and small amounts work. The key is to breathe out any tension and feel whatever emotions come up.

Note - Some believe these next 3 methods do not work. And it is true, they don't. If you quit too soon. Persistence is the key.

Full descriptions are beyond this post, so I have included some links below.

5) Visualize - imagine the details of having your desire. Often.

6) Affirmations – Just as #1 encourages you to stop making negative comments, affirmations are about using positive ones. A good example is “Money comes freely into my life in expected and unexpected ways. I always have plenty.” Say your affirmation softly, say it often and say it even when it does not feel true.

7) Gratitude can be a powerful attitude changer. Give thanks several times in the morning, and afternoon too, for the things you do have and that do go right.

That one essential ingredient for a life of abundance? Relax. Do not try to make your chosen technique(s) work. Instead, use a soft attitude, relaxed body and normal breathing; and let the technique(s) do the work. Let it change you.

ALL techniques work better relaxed. And so do YOU.

Note - There is so much more information out there on creating abundance. I encourage you to go on a campaign to find the technique(s) that works best for you (some links below).

An Abundance of Compliments ?

A life of abundance also includes plenty of compliments. Here is how to bring them in and use them to increase self-esteem and self-confidence:

Compliments Can Build Self-Esteem


All She Ever Wanted Was...


Her: She was saying, “If only I could find the right guy, I would give myself to him, and—

I stopped her and asked, “Give your SELF?”

Her eyes widened as she realized what she had said and

what she had been doing.

Him: Free Insights

His business was deep in the red, and he was now desperate.

I asked him, “If there was one person on the planet holding you back, who would it be?”

He immediately said, “My Mother.”

She was giving him money to keep his business afloat.

She had also given him the down payment for his house and had recently taken over the payments. ​

His insight: "I'm 30 years old and still (like a child) dependent on my mother!"

Both Him & Her: The power of a deep insight is that it cannot be unseen; it will tend to keep prodding, motivating and pushing Him and Her into a permanent change (no resolutions needed).

And That Power is Now Yours:


Either one of these 2 simple techniques can bring you a life-changing insight, one that leads to a permanent change.

Both are complete (nothing held back)

Both are free

And sent directly to your inbox:

How Many?

No matter what they try, so many people spend their lives not losing Weight, or in unfulfilling Relationships, or with Money problems or a Stalled career?

But one, eye-widening moment can begin leaving that pain behind

* Imagine seeing the present and past in an instant and knowing that it is no longer you

* Imagine taking control over that part of your life

* And imagine the relief of knowing that you are finally moving on, once and for all.

Click this link and get your free techniques:

Discover Your Insights

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For more ideas on bring on abundance: https://chopra.com/articles/10-steps-to-develop-an-abundance-mindset

Book: Psycho Cypernetics by Maxwell Maltz - "Our self-image has control over our ability to achieve (or fail to achieve) a goal."

And 6 more tips:


The very foundation of personal improvement is self-care/self-love. At this link:


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