(140) Bullying? How to Let Go of that Moment (once and for all)

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I was on the playground being taunted by three bullies, all using that awful sing-song (what's-wrong-with-you) voice.

I edged away, eyes on the ground, face burning.

As young as I was, I knew it was a lie: Sticks and stones... but words can never hurt me.

Decades later, I came across this quote: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt

And I thought: No! People can make us feel inferior, make us feel badly. Words do hurt, and all of those quotes, rhymes and platitudes only help bury the truth of those feelings.

Bullying Buried

When we are emotionally abused, many of us fill our minds with thoughts that range from what we wish we had said or done to what we wish would happen to the abuser.

Those thoughts, along with the rhymes, quotes and platitudes help us stop feeling awful. The body helps, too, by tightening against those feelings.

But is stopping these negative emotions so bad? No, it is not.

And, yes it is.

No, because a part of those emotions include feeling weak, small or 'less than,' and who wants to feel that? !

And Yes, because whatever we do not feel from a traumatic moment is left behind, adding to our emotional baggage. But allowing ourselves to feel awful lets those feelings pass through us and out.

Letting Go of The Abuser

(once and for all)

The big problem with ignoring our emotional baggage is that it does not stay ignored. Those negative emotions just keep coming up, over and over, along with their negative thoughts; so, in a sense, the abuser is still hurting us.

But each time we face those feelings, we are standing up to the abuser and releasing ourselves. Eventually, we will think about him/her less and less often, not just because time has passed but because those thoughts and feelings are weakening.

And the time will come when they are gone and we are free.

The Next Level

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