(145) Lifting Your Life: 3 Powerful Ways

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Shoelace breaks, sink backs up, car won’t start and so it goes. Roof leaks, more taxes owed and sometimes it is just overwhelming.

But overwhelmed or not, I complained about it all: the car breaking, being broke, breaking in new shoes or no break in the cold.

If someone said, “Nice (weather),” I would say, “Yeah, but (it's going to rain Friday)." And I am quite sure that more than a few people went out of their way to avoid me.

Why do we have that tendency to complain?

Every time something goes wrong, we experience a negative feeling, and complaining brings us some relief. But there are more effective ways to release that negativity: Release Negative Emotion (like bitterness) Forever.

Which means we really do not need it.

Level One

Those who stop complaining find themselves living better quality of life.

If you are not sure you believe it, try it for short time; even a week could convince you to go all the way.

Level Two

Each time I crushed a positive statement (Yeah, but it's going to rain Friday), I noticed an awkward pause or an end to the conversation. Until one day, I agreed Oh, it is a beautiful day.

And I realized that I felt a lift, and so did they: and so I amped it up. If they said, Beautiful day isn’t it? and I would respond Oh, I love days like this, and tomorrow is supposed to be even better.

Not with fake enthusiasm or forced positivity, but genuine words spoken quietly.

This felt so good that I stepped right on up to the next level and began making positive statements of my own. And then I went all the way up to become a Yeasayer.

Level One: Silence (instead of complaining)

Level Two: From Agreeing into Yea Saying

Level Three

In the market one day, I asked the clerk, “How’s your day?”

He quietly said, “Great. This is a good day.”

I was surprised by the lift I felt, mostly because his words were genuine, but also because there was nothing special going on in his life. He was simply feeling grateful.

A lot has been written on the practice of gratitude, but wait! What is coming is less than you might think. And more.

MORE - Without one, essential element, being grateful does not work; words alone are not enough. Words said out of habit (like thanks before a meal) or said because of a should have no effect on our lives.

However, feeling grateful, here and there, throughout the day can give us a brighter, more positive outlook; and some believe this feeling acts as a magnet, attracting more good things into our lives.

LESS (than you might think) - Of course, the practice includes feeling grateful for the big things, but it is just as (or more) effective to appreciate the small, everyday ones; you know, the take-for-granted-little stuff that does go right and does work.

If adding more gratitude to your life sounds good, consider linking your grateful moments to something you already do: eating, putting on your shoes or starting the car: 3 things in the morning and 3 in the afternoon (that did go right and did work).

So, there you have it. From the negative depths of complaining to the heights of yeasaying and gratitude.

A better life. For us. And those around us.

Note - There are those who do not think a practice like gratitude works (or visualizing or affirmations); because, they all made the same mistake. They quit too soon. Persistence is the key to fulfillment.

One Essential Element for a Life of Abundance

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