(138) How to STOP Being Bothered (by that barking dog, jackhammer or crazy party)

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

A quiet afternoon suddenly shattered by a high-pitched barking. A new mutt in the next yard yapping with a ridiculous ferocity.

And it went on for hours. I finally walked out and looked over the fence; he was barking at a bug!

The next morning, he started again, early, and kept at it for most of the day. He would stop but then start up again, as if his life depended on it.

Day after day it went on. Not all day, but far beyond my limits, and I found myself sending more than a few negative thoughts toward him, the neighbor and life in general.

I could not understand why they were not bothered! Just shut him up!! Please!!!

And then one afternoon, I realized he had not been barking for a while. Several days! And my next thought was Did he die? Oh, please God!

Later that day, I heard him barking again. The noise was just as piercing; he went on for just as long; and I realized that he had never stopped!

It was me that had stopped being bothered!

After that, he did sometimes irritate me, but after a few minutes, his noise would again fade into the background.

How did it happen, this miracle? I will tell you, but you will probably not like it.

Whether the noise is a barking dog, loud party or jack hammer, it is not the noise that bothers us, but the negative feelings they spark.

Those feelings are already within us patiently waiting for someone, or something, to push the button and release them. Again. And again.

Of course, we (automatically) tighten body and breath to stop feeling that way. And we (desperately?) distract ourselves, to do or to think about anything else. Which leaves most of those feelings in there, waiting for the next irritating whatever.

Now imagine your life without those feelings. The dog, jackhammer or wild party simply would not stand out, would not bother you -- at all.

Okay, here is the part you might not like.

The way to get rid of those feelings is to stop fighting them, stop distracting and start feeling.

We either feel what we do not want to feel right now or we continue to feel it at odd times for the rest of our lives.

3 Steps to Freedom

1) Give the noise permission to be there; let it be loud and irritating (I know, crazy, but try it anyway).

2) Each time you breathe out, release more tension from the body; breathe easily and relax in spite of the noise.

* Note - If your mind tends to skip away from your breath (probably every few seconds), gently bring yourself back to breathing out the tension and relaxing.

3) And let yourself feel the emotion(s).

Every moment you feel a negative emotion releases that much more of it -- bit by bit.

And there will come a time when that awful noise (dog or otherwise) no longer bothers you - at all.

Just One Emotion?

Did you know that some people are limited to feeling one, main emotion (e.g. irritation/anger)? Others feel a variety of emotions and would love to get rid of the negative ones. Either way...

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