(153) Rewards for You (at last)

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

You know you will be tired in the morning but “Just a few more minutes” of tv or social media, a novel or computer game.

After a long day, too many of us find ourselves eating foods and snacks we wish we hadn’t, drinking what we we wish we didn't and, yes, staying up too late.

It is so easy to turn to negative rewards, even though we know the next day will bring regrets; but, is regret the right word? Many of us experience self-criticism, guilt and other

negative emotions, along with a loss of self-esteem.

Worse, we cannot seem to stop!

Which is a good thing, because when the day finally ends, we (desperately?) need some pleasure, some reward. We have to balance the scales. We deserve to indulge ourselves.

But not if those rewards make our lives harder than they already are.

The answer? Stop trying to stop! Negative rewards tend to fade away as our lives fill with positive ones.

Crazy Rewards ?

Some of us do not have enough positive rewards to give ourselves. If this is true for you, take a deep breath and start thinking of every crazy, energizing something you have ever done or wanted to do.

NO FILTERING: afford it or not; possible or not; crazy or not. Dig back into your life, all the way back to


Then go on the internet with those ideas, and let them spark other possibilities.

And even before you have finished exploring, choose one and bring it into your life. If it is not as energizing as you thought it would be, skip to the next, but keep going.

When? Of course, anytime you can; but if getting enough sleep is a problem, add a reward before work. It is easier to go to bed earlier (and get up in the morning) if we have something to look forward to.

Rewards for Me & You?

We need our rewards. And we WILL have them. One way or another.

In the Meantime

If you want to change a negative behavior right now, you know that setbacks and discouragement are sometimes a part of positive change.

You also know that success is not about not failing, it is

about taking that next step. No matter what. So--

I leave you with one of my all-time favorite quotes (by tennis great Arthur Ashe):

Start where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can

You deserve the results.

Self-esteem is how much YOU like YOU.

Every time you treat yourself in a positive way, your self-esteem rises a bit and automatically raises your quality of life.


*More inner-strength and self-esteem

*An easy way to stop quitting & complete all of your resolutions

*Less inner-struggle & more peace


The Power of Becoming Your Own Best Friend


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The Power of Becoming Your Own Best Friend

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