(141) How to ALWAYS Know What to Do

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Stay in the relationship or leave?

Take a new job or keep the security of the old?

Buy a new car or pay for current repairs?

Although small questions like these can hang us up, the big ones can send us into a fog of confusion, like What do I want to do with my life?

Really, I hate not knowing, and in those moments it can feel like I will never know but that I should know and there is something wrong with me for not knowing.

In those moments, any decision is better than living with

the negative feelings of uncertainty; so, with an angry shake of my head, I push myself to decide. For better or worse. Now!

2 Ways to Decide

When faced with a choice, there are only ways to go about deciding:

1. Logically thinking of the pros and cons can gives us a feeling of control, and we choose the moment to decide. But the answers that come from logic are not always the most energizing and fulfilling in the long run.

2. Listening allows us to hear that deeper, intuitive answer. And because it is what we want on the most fundamental level, this answer can do us the most good, short and long term .

Before we get to the 'how' of listening, what keeps these deeper answers hidden from us?

1. Should: This simple word causes great confusion, like the time my brother was going out with two women: one had been doing a lot to help him, and he felt he should be with her (out of gratitude).

The other woman? He liked her more.

He had been back and forth for a while, struggling to decide, when I told him what I have told myself many times since: throw out the should and go with your desire - always.

2. Advice can also get in the way. It is good to turn to others for information and opinions, but YOU are the only person on this planet who really knows you. YOU are the one with the answers, your answers, the ones that will work best for you. And, like it or not, YOU are the one in charge.

Plus, every decision you make (however it turns out) increases your inner strength.

3. Tension, too, can keep us from knowing: uncertainty tends to tighten both body and breath; and so does trying to squeeze out an answer. Instead, breathe out the tension and relax. Let the answer come, without your help.

4. No time: our society is way too busy to stop, relax and tune in. And yet, a moment of quiet (with a relaxed body and breath) is exactly what can bring the answers we need (as well as a measure of peace).

3 Steps to Knowing

1. Allow the discomfort of not knowing; because struggling only tightens and blocks those deeper answers. Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable.

2. Sit comfortably and relax further with each breath. When you feel relaxed, gently ask (barely a whisper), What do I want / want to do?

3. And then let go. Do not try for an answer or even look for one. It will come to you all on its own.

If, after a few minutes, it does not, or the answer is not clear, check to see that you are still relaxed and breathing easily.

If it still does not come, let it go until next time; but you might not have to wait long. Intuitive answers often appear at odd moments during the day or middle of the night.

Even if you do not have a question, give yourself some quiet time each day (a walk; watching the sun set; or sitting by yourself in a quiet place).

During this "me" time, you can release the stresses of life, as well as bring more clarity and insight into your life.

2 Powerful Techniques

To relax into those quiet moments faster, here is an unusual technique. It can even bring you calm in the middle of a chaotic situation while standing with your eyes open. A second technique can quickly release negative emotions:

Find the Intuitive, Release the Negative: 2 Powerful Techniques


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