Another 60-Sec, Life-Lifting Idea 

An Impressive Mask

                            or Deeper Connections ?

A more intimate relationship or a more beautiful mask?


121 billion dollars last year
Spent worldwide
Not including clothes, shoes, jewelry


Men's products too

Why this compelling need

To change the basic model?

Easy answer:  To be more
Accepted, liked, loved

But really, it's to fulfill
That deepest 

Compelling need to




Sadly, connecting has never 
Had anything to do with 
How we look


What does?  Well, we

Generally like people

Who like us
Who are interested in us


And, often, we want

A deeper connection
With those who first

Want it with us


But, really, how can we connect

Really connect, while

Worrying about those extra

Pounds, that crooked tooth 
Or “Wait until they see my new--”?


How can we connect deeper
When those in front of us 
Are lost in their version 
Of the same?


Ah, but even a slightly 
deeper connection can be
Uplifting, fulfilling

So instead


Think of 2 questions 
For the next human
In your life

2 things you genuinely 
Want to know

About them.  Their life.
Then listen.  Remember


Before long, they'll

Be asking deeper  
Questions of you  
Maybe right then


If, after some times

They don't

Put your energy
Your interest
Your questions 
Into those who do


A moment of such simple

Interest can build the most

Intimate relationships 


The kind that can

Energize life itself


The kind you deserve

to be living


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