Another 60-Sec, Life-Lifting Idea 

Relax Anywhere, Anytime 

even standing, eyes open, in a crowd

Your days are busy

Of course you're tired

So much to do

At times chaos too


But even on easy days

You deserve a moment

That refreshes, energizes

So let's do it:

Choose a good memory

A happy, relaxed time

Then choose a word (or two)

That represents it


When you're ready

find a quiet place 

A comfortable chair


Take a deep breath

And when you let it go

Let go of the tension

And mentally say your word


Say it softly, barely think it

(Just the word, not the memory)


With every breath that follows

Let go of more tension

And mentally, gently

Say your word


Let yourself sink

Keep falling


Once there, give yourself

Permission to stay

Enjoy, as long as you like


And after a few days

Of practice at home

Out into the world

     Closed eyes are good

     But not necessary

     A comfortable seat nice

     But not essential


Even standing in the

Middle of chaos

Simply use breath and word

to relax, find calm

And, sometimes, even re-energize

Available several times a day

The key is to occasionally

    (sometimes daily?)

Strengthen the effects

At home


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