A 60-Sec. Look at a Life-Lifting Idea 

Relief from Self-Criticism

Oh, I know it well

Grew up with it

Still cringe from it


That terrible


Tone of voice


My body tightens, breath stops

It feels as if I've been hit

And afterward, I chew on their words 

Thinking how wrong they are

How hurt I am

That tone of voice is probably still

Bouncing off the walls of our house

And I can tell you that as a learning tool

It sucks


It was supposed to correct  

My behavior by making me feel badly

They certainly made me feel that way

But  didn’t stop my  mistakes

Or ‘bad’ behavior either


What it did do was fan the flames

Of anger and rebellion 

It lowered my self-esteem

And left me with a load of self-criticism

self-critical voice sounds

A lot like what I grew up with

And leaves me feeling the same

At one point, I tried hard to counter it

With encouraging words, positive self-talk

But no matter what I said

I still felt self-critical

And no matter what I did to stop it

To distract myself, hide from it

It stayed until finally fading on its own

    And Then One Day

I took a deep breath

Let go, and faced that voice!

Moments later I was still standing

The world still spinning

Really, I was okay

And found that the feeling

Faded faster, relief came sooner

Sometimes much sooner especially

If I kept relaxing my body and breath

No!  I don’t like feeling it,  but I 

Really like knowing that I'm

Releasing them, lightening my load


Then, when it's gone, when I

Finally breathe that sigh of relief

Positive self-talk, affirmations

Visualizations and the rest

Can do their work

Self-esteem goes up as self-criticism goes down
low self-esteem can be like drowning
self-esteem is all important
Raise your self-esteem and be happier
Raise your self-esteem


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