A 60-Sec. Look at a Life-Lifting Idea 

At the End of a Rough Day

How to REALLY Reward (love) Yourself

Life is busy

Hard too

And when the day

Finally ends


Some of us (desperately?)

Need a reward

Just a few more minutes

    Television, a novel

    Social media or

    Computer games


And we’re up too late—again.


Or we eat/drink too much

Or in other ways make life

Harder on the morrow

Or just plain harder


But we can’t stop!


Though we occasionally  struggle

Trying to cut back on what

We so badly need


Solution?  Reward yourself with


A campaign to bring

More positive rewards

Flowing into your life

Enough positive rewards

And the negative ones fade


And have some

Fun doing it!

Make a list of every

Energizing something

You’ve ever

Wanted to try


No filtering:

       Afford it or not

       Possible or not

       From childhood or

       Crazy or ridiculous

       Or not

List them all

Every one

Put the most

Energizing on top


And dive into

Making it happen

Or just dive in

During the days

    If you can

Evenings and

Weekends sure


And before work too

After all, it’s easier

To go to bed earlier

And leap out the same way

If fun awaits


So go ahead, get crazy and

Let yourself experience the miracle 

A more energized life!


And what a joy that would be

For those around you too


The hard truth!

    We need our rewards

    And we will have them

One way or another


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