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How to Accept THAT Part of Your Body

My nose is too big, ears too wide, shoulders rounded and feet dead flat. Other than that, I guess I like myself.  Well, except for the wrinkles, balding and that tendency toward a balloon belly.

It has always been easy to dislike me. I do it without effort and always  without conscious choice.

That said, I am glad I am a man, because we guys mainly see handsome models for shaving creams, hair gels and cars; but women are absolutely brainwashed from their first Barbie to that tsunami of ads they saw before breakfast.

With so many perfect people before our eyes, how can we like the imperfect part(s) of ourselves?

But you and I have something in common with those beautiful people. It is a personality shaped, in part, by what we think of our ourselves. And beautiful, or not, any negative thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves weigh heavily on the quality of our lives.


A Path of Self-Acceptance


So, how do we go about accepting that part?


By realizing that that part is not the problem; it is the negative thoughts and feelings that go with it; it is the embarrassment, shame, irritation and even anger we feel when we notice it.

Nobody likes to feel negative, so we work hard to ignore and hide that part.


But imagine not having those feelings! Without them that part would be just another part of you. Without them, you would experience complete self-acceptance, along with a boost in self-esteem (self-love) and self-confidence.


Here, then, are 3 steps to release those feelings:

1.) Relax. Every time we feel negative about ourselves, we automatically tighten the body and breath. Breathe out that tension with each breath.

2.) When you are relaxed, step up to a mirror, look directly at that part and feel the discomfort. For some of us this means feeling disgust, anger or even hate, etc.


Feel whatever is there as you breathe out the tension.

3.) Then, do it again. After a number of times, you will probably find that those feelings are not so awful. It may even seem as if you are getting use to them; but, in fact, they are weakening as you grow stronger.

At some point, give yourself permission to be that way. Ignoring, hiding or even hating yourself has not been working. Your self-acceptance / self-esteem has remained the same (or worsened).


And, really, in this moment, there is nothing you can do about changing (in the next moment, you can, but not now). So, stop fighting. Give yourself permission to be who you are, right now. Breathe easily, relax and feel. Breathe easily, relax and accept yourself.


  • Note: - The more self-acceptance we gain, the easier it is to make positive changes. Being negative with ourselves just does not work (at least not for long).


And the time will come when you look up and realize someone is judging that part of you, and you are not feeling defensive. In that moment, you will know true self-acceptance, along with increased self-esteem, self confidence and inner strength.


Faster Self-Acceptance?


You can weaken those negative feelings faster, by feeling the emotion without words. Both words and thoughts dilute emotional release.


If your mind skips away from the mirror, after a few seconds, gently bring yourself back to you (back to increasing your inner strength).


The key to success is consistency: use the mirror at the same time(s) each day, and tie it to something you already do (e.g. before dressing in the morning; after a meal; after undressing at night).


Another key is persistence: if you find yourself forgetting, push yourself back to the mirror, back to increasing your self-confidence, self-love and inner strength.

The next in your series is a way to immediately lift your life, and it will arrive with your 2 techniques in Discovering Insights.

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