Another 60-Sec, Life-Lifting Idea 

Use Those (Embarrassing?) Mistakes

                             to Build Your Self-Esteem

Help!  Mistakes? I hate em

The embarrassment, even shame

If others are involved

So, of course, I try to hide it

Pretend I didn’t do it

Or pretend I meant to do it

Or blame it on someone or something

Anything or anyone that isn’t me

Yes, I have done it all; almost all


Except pick up my self-esteem

And put it back higher than it was



By taking a deep breath

Standing up and admitting it, all of it

Facing my feelings and doing everything possible

To make things right (or at least better)




Ducking feels young and sneaky

Standing up feels strong 

And it makes me stronger -- permanently

It also rockets my self-esteem

How much I like me


And is there anything more important than that?




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