Winning Once & For All

(Quietly and Easily)

Who is right, faster, smarter

Is a never-ending question




Even the ‘fun’ contests

Put distance in a relationship


But okay

You want to win

Once and for all

So, sure, I’ll tell you how


But first sit

Because the how is so

Uplifting.  Life-giving


And can be so hard to do




After taking a deep breath

Step up to your opponent 


And agree

Be helpful, giving

And walk away


Because if you stay and struggle

You will sometimes triumph

And feel strong


If you leave them to fight by themselves

You are stronger—permanently

And have freed yourself

To live a better life


Yes, they have the last word

But your head is up

Self-esteem too


Up where you belong


Up where you

Have won

Once and for all


Oh, and seeing

Their confusion

Their struggle

With your change


Can be a satisfying win

All by itself



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